What Inspires You?

There is an assumption that artists are somehow born with an innate drive to create, and that to be an artist or creator is an vocation or calling. We hardly every hear of artists retiring (at least not voluntarily) they just keep creating. This month I am exploring the notion of inspiration and challenge of continuing to make art. Is it really from our environment, or are there other things that spur on the creativity?I have asked our artisans to share some of their thoughts.

Our Responses………..

Sue Berghuis-Garde from Tinkahill.

“For me it’s always a combination of cycles in Nature and Transitions in Life. I love repetitive patterns in images, enjoy detailed observational work and then t the other extreme…the opportunity to let the paint guide me on a big canvas. I suspect this is all supported by being in the landscape, travel and the opportunity to stand in front of immense canvasses of pure colour.(Monet, Miro, Kandinsky, Bonnard, Turner)

Do I get stuck? Yes, often. Gardening helps. So does walking, music, reading and meditation. It comes and goes, and fits in among the rich moments spent with family and friends. “

Michelle M from Rivers of Silk

“I’m often inspired by other artist’s work. Going to exhibitions can be a double edged sword. Inspiration is one thing, it can also be frustrating. It is the trilogy of inspiration, time and energy that enables me to create. Sometimes it is a delicate balance. To just be in the studio is not enough. When I get stuck I use a specific series of songs, or album to get me unstuck, working those neurons into a creative state, when was I last ‘on a roll’. Routine is also pivotal to getting into creative mode, simple things like sweeping the floor, washing the brushes, reconnecting with the materials and equipment (sometimes it’s like I’m checking in on the vibes). Allowing some random meandering time is important.”