What is the Margaret River Artisans?

The Margaret River Artisans is a network of independent artists/craftworkers and supporting galleries in the Margaret River Region of WA. Our main purpose is to promote the work and interests of artisans producing work here. It is also to provide a sense of community among artisans, and foster an environment of trust and mutual support in building this region as a centre for artistic excellence.

Aims of the Margaret River Artisans Association:

  • Identify and promote art and craft produced in the Margaret River region.
  • Promote the the Margaret River Region as an arts and crafts centre.
  • Encourage excellence in arts and crafts.
  • Share experiences for the collective good.
  • Lobby government and business on issues relating to arts & crafts.
  • Educate the public of the value of arts & working artisans in the community.

Who can become a member?

Anyone with an interest in the arts can be a member however, to become a full member with voting rights, you must satisfy certain requirements.

  • You live and work in the Margaret River Region – Cape to Cape,
  • The majority of your income is from the sale of your creative work (may need verification),
  • You have a current ABN.

This reflects the nature of the association being guided by professional artisans.

Please get in touch and tell us a little about yourself and your work.